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EU model contractual AI clauses to pilot in procurements of Artificial Intelligence

7 - November

Supporting public buyers in procuring AI-enabled solutions that are trustworthy, fair and secure is one of the aims of these clauses that have been drafted and peer-reviewed by experts.

They are the updated version of the Model Clauses shared in April this year. The community has made these clauses available for public organisations wishing to procure an AI system developed by an external supplier. Considering that the proposed AI Act is still under negotiations, public organisations that decide to use these conditions may do that on a voluntary basis assessing on a case-by-case basis whether the various sections of these standard contractual clauses are sufficient and proportionate for procuring a particular AI system.

The EU model contractual AI clauses contain provisions specific to AI systems and on matters covered by the proposed AI Act, thus excluding other obligations or requirements that may arise under relevant applicable legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation. Furthermore, these EU model contractual AI clauses do not comprise a full contractual arrangement. They need to be customized to each specific contractual context.

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