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Evondos, a medication dispensing robot that enables a pharmacotherapy follow-up at home

16 - January

In one of AICCELERATE’s pilots, the user is a Parkinson’s patient at risk of transitioning into an unstable phase of the disease. The aim here is to detect the transition point and improve the care of chronically ill patients by making treatment more individual and timely.

Apart from the wearables that monitor patient biometrics, such as sleep or activity, this pilot will be supported by the use of a robot from the company Evondos.

The robot, a key element in the pilot, is a medicine dispenser that monitors the progress of pharmacotherapy, at the same time provides independent living at home. When it is time to take your medication, the robot provides guidance in taking medications, both by issuing spoken instructions and sound signals and by displaying written instructions on the device screen with indicator lights. The robot counts with features such as camera detection and questionnaires to the patient which makes it more interactive and user-friendly. Its use will be the cornerstone of an ambient & assisted living system for Parkinson’s patients.

Here, our colleague Jordi Escuder from Eurecat Research Centre explains how it will work.

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