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Webinar with patients. Let your digital service live long and prosper: lessons learned from co-development with patients

9 - January

2024 starts with a series of webinars you won’t want to miss!

What can we learn from patients participating in technology pilots and developments? The first webinar of this series will involve real patients who will share their experiences on collaboration in remote monitoring and AI development and study.

Benefits from a digital tool or service will materialize only if users adhere to it. Therefore, we need patients to participate in the development phases of health care digital solutions. They bring insight into what is important for them and what is inconvenient or too time-consuming. Also, diseases might influence the capability of using digital services and devices, and technical testing with real-life users cannot be substituted.

In this interactive webinar, we’ll shift the focus to patients’ perspectives, unravelling their preferences and considerations for home monitoring solutions. We will explore the dichotomy between passive and active roles in monitoring and understanding which solution aligns with patients’ comfort levels. Delving deeper, we’ll investigate the frequency of feedback desired by those engaging actively—striking a balance between providing valuable insights without becoming burdensome or tedious. Additionally, the webinar addresses the pivotal choice between utilizing healthcare-provided devices integrated into the system or incorporating existing personal devices like smartphones, wearables, and smart glasses into their monitoring routines.

During the webinar, Carlos Godoy Jr., a researcher from Erasmus University will present the results of the interview study on Parkinson’s patients in Italy and Finland; and Laura Mäkitie, a neurologist from Helsinki University Hospital will share her experiences as a clinician and developer of digital services on patient involvement.


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