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AICCELERATE at the Mobile World Congress 2023

6 - March

Last week we had the opportunity to showcase part of what we are doing in AICCELERATE at our partner’s booth during the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona.

In their corner, Eurecat showcased the digital twins, a cutting-edge technology that is a virtual representation of a real environment, in our case, a hospital. These digital twins we are creating will be part of the pilots’ implementation within the Smart Hospital Care Pathway (SHCP) Engine, the AI-based tool we are developing that will provide a clear vision of real-time hospital resources’ use.

Using this technology within the SHCP Engine, the hospital challenges will be approached from two perspectives:

  • from the patient’s perspective, the hospital procedures will speed up the visits
  • while from the management side, there will be better patient flow and use of hospital resources

Three different pilots will prove and test out the SHCP Engine’s solution in five European hospitals: Helsinki University Hospital and Oulu University Hospital from Finland, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù and University Hospital Università degli Studi di Padova from Italy, and Barcelona Children’s Hospital from Spain. Their users’ feedback will help to enhance the scalability of the SHCP Engine.

Such pilots will serve as a means to apply the already existing AI-based solution to different realities, demonstrating the model’s scalability. Besides, the hospitals that will host the pilots, represent three different countries, so the solution can be tested in different health systems. 

Apart from the data collected from the hospitals, the engine will also gather data from other devices such as wearables or social robots, which will enhance the predictions of the engine. These devices will be a key element in the pilot implementation and, at the same time, they will promote independent living at home.

Decision-making support

The SHCP predictions will be driven through a variety of functions, from patient diagnostics and treatment at the care facility and at home, as well as hospital patient and workflow optimisation enabling enhanced efficiency for hospital management decision-making. Additional input sources, through the use of robotics and sophisticated IoT devices, will help to increase the accuracy of the predictions of the SHCP Engine.

Hospitals’ dynamic operations and processes will be visualized through Digital Twins and AI data-driven models will lead to improved decision-making and healthcare delivery.

Barcelona Children’s Hospital (Sant Joan de Déu) will use the Digital Twin implementation in both Pilots they will deploy: the first one for hospital management and the other for neuro-oncological patient healthcare pathways. Nuromedia have already implemented the first 3D models but those models are not yet connected to real data.

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