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AICCELERATE at the Smart City Expo Word Congress in Barcelona

1 - December

Our partners from Nuromedia presented the AICCELERATE project during the Smart City Expo World Congress showcasing how artificial intelligence can facilitate healthcare delivery.

The project is set to transform healthcare through data-driven learning and investments in innovative technology, and it focuses on increasing the efficiency of clinical decisions using artificially intelligent systems that are able to understand complex medical information by analyzing large datasets collected from patients’ visits, treatments, or research centers.

The exhibition aimed to raise public awareness about the potential applications of this new form of health care and its potential opportunities for improving patient outcomes. Through a series of real use cases, it demonstrated how AI can help identify high-risk targets for early intervention and mitigate hospital costs. It also highlighted various ways AI technologies can be used in multiple areas such as scheduling surgery with greater precision; providing analytical insights within caregivers connected with smart devices & wearables; and much more! Finally, use cases from the project’s partners were explored demonstrating their work across Europe while protecting privacy and security regulations across borders.

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