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“AI, digitalization, and algorithms” panel at the EASST conference 2022, Madrid

11 - July

On the past 7th of July, our partner from UniPD Francesco Miele, PhD and Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Trieste, chaired one of the panels at the prestigious European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) Conference that took place in Madrid.

The panel on the topic “AI, digitalization and algorithms” hosted five speeches concerning the social implication of Artificial Intelligence, taking into consideration different fields of application (i.e. healthcare settings, IT industry and internet of things). The contribution “Imagining algorithms at work: fears and hopes about Artificial Intelligence in healthcare”, presented by Francesco Miele, was focused on the socio-technical imaginaries emerging around AI applied to the monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease, exploring expectations, hopes and fears of patients and doctors involved in AICCELERATE project.

You can check the official programme here:

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