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International Chilhood Cancer Day

17 - February

On Tuesday of this week, it was International Childhood Cancer Day.

According to World Health Organization, cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents. Each year, an estimated 400,000 children and adolescents of 0-19 years old develop cancer.

Two teenage girlfriends having fun in tha nature on beautiful autumn day.

AICCELERATE is working to enhance patients’ and family’s quality of life by optimising care pathways and pediatric service delivery in three hospitals:

  • Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona Children’s Hospital. They will lead the pilot related to pediatric care delivery. Its Oncology and Haematology Department is the national reference centre for cancer treatment and an international reference centre for certain types of tumours. The project development will impact children and adolescents with end-stage central nervous system tumours and other severe neurological conditions.
  • Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). The intended use is AI-assisted predicting complications such as severe infections thus preventing frequent hospitalization and finding tumour relapses as early as possible.
  • Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù. Their efforts will focus on the patient journey of children with brain cancer; they diagnose more than 100 patients every year. As these children require long term therapies, several hundreds of them will benefit from the solutions developed in AICCELERATE.

The AICCELERATE’s Smart Hospital Care Pathway Engine will provide decision-support information to the clinicians, using AI and monitoring information; it will help to predict complications such as severe infections thus preventing frequent hospitalization and finding tumour relapses as early as possible; it will optimize preoperative tests, preparations (from a pre-admission visit to Neuro-oncology ward bed allocation) and staff availability; also, it will propose optimal timing for examinations and follow-up visits of pediatric neuro-oncologic patients.

Technology at the service of healthcare delivery.

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